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Kenney Dawson

Basketball Coach Kenney Dawson

Kenney Dawson is the Co-Founder of Triple Threat Basketball in Poughkeepsie NY and current Coach and CEO of the Playmaker Academy Basketball League. Coach Kenney has over 25 years of coaching experience.

He has spent 8 years coaching basketball for the Triple Threat AAU Basketball League and started the first Millbrook AAU basketball program, the Harlem Hoops.

Playmaker Academy is a local AAU basketball program that focusing on teaching the players the fundamental skills, rules and strategies of basketball.  Games are played throughout the NY metropolitan area and all practices are held at the Taconic Sports Complex in Hopewell Jct., NY.  It is the goal of the Playmaker Academy to help each player build the physical and mental strength necessary to work and play basketball together as a team.  To accomplish this goal, under the direction of Coach Dawson, each coach works with their players on Ball Handling, Passing, Shooting, Defensive drills and Decision Making.

The Playmaker Academy is open to all residents and has boys AAU basketball teams as well as girls AAU basketball teams.  We have players from all areas of the Hudson Valley including Poughkeepsie, Millbrook and Brewster.

As a Playmaker you will learn our motto, Team, Family, Do Work, Gott’em!

Team – It is necessary to play as a team to win.  At the Playmaker academy we have no one superstar.  Everyone is expected to play hard, pass and shoot the ball.

Family – We are a family, young and old, alumni and current.  We respect each other and help each other to grow on and off the court.

Do Work – As a Playmaker it is imperative that you are in top physical condition.   You are expected to complete 20 minutes of jumping rope per day.  It is not unheard of practice to do over 100 push-ups.  When the other teams are physically spent a Playmaker is expected to have the endurance to finish the game.

Gott’em! or Get’em Next Time – As a Playmaker whether we win or lose the game what really matters is that we never give up. WE GO HARD 100% of the time and learn from our wins and our losses.  It is with this mindset and determination we will continue to grow.

Kenny Dawson, Owner Playmaker Basketball Academy Hopewell Jct, Dutchess County, NY

Kenney Dawson

CEO and Coach

Playmaker Basketball Academy

(845) 380-0971

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