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2019 Spring Schedule

2019 Spring Season

2019 Spring Season Extended

2019 Spring Season(Early Bird)

2019 Spring Season(Main)

2019 Spring Team Payment Extended(High School)

2019 Spring Team Payment Extended(Under 9th)

2019 Spring Team Payment(High School)

2019 Spring Team Payment(Under 9th)

2020 Discount: 30% off

2020 Discount: 50% off

2020 Playmaker Uniforms

5th Grade Girls Tournaments

7th Grade Boys Platinum Tournaments

8th Grade Boys: Sunday Workouts(November)

AAU Basketball Teams

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Backyard Basketball: April-May

Backyard Basketball: March-April

Boys Rosters

Boys Tentative Rosters

Boys Tournaments:(5th Gold, 5th Black, 6th Grade, 7th Gold, 8th Gold, 8th Black, JV and Varsity)

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club: December 13

Breakfast Club: December 20

Breakfast Club: December 27

Breakfast Club: December 6

Breakfast Club: February 14

Breakfast Club: February 21

Breakfast Club: February 28

Breakfast Club: February 7

Breakfast Club: January 10

Breakfast Club: January 17

Breakfast Club: January 24

Breakfast Club: January 3

Breakfast Club: January 31

Breakfast Club: March 21

Breakfast Club: March 7

Breakfast Club: May 2

Breakfast Club: November 15

Breakfast Club: November 8

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Current Season: General Schedule

Early Bird(High School)

Early Bird(Under 9th Grade)

Fun Recreational Programs


Genesis 1: December

Genesis 1: February

Genesis 1: January

Genesis 2: December

Genesis 2: February

Genesis 2: January

Genesis 2: Monday and Wednesday

Genesis Registration: November

Genesis Registration: October

Genesis: April-May

Genesis: March-April

Girls Rosters

Girls Tournaments:( 7th Grade and Varsity)

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JV Girls Tournaments

KJ's Post Player Program

Make-up Tryouts: March 14, 2021

New Uniform Size

Option B1: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Option B2: 1:00pm-2:00pm

Playmaker Academy Training

Playmaker U. Basketball & Rec Summer Camp

Playmaker Uniforms

Point Guard Training Program

Point Guard Training Program: December

Point Guard Training Program: January

Point Guard Training Program: November

Point Guard Training Program: October

Private Training

Reimbursement Package: Spring 2020

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Shooting Clinic: December 12

Shooting Clinic: December 19

Shooting Clinic: December 26

Shooting Clinic: December 5

Shooting Clinic: January 16

Shooting Clinic: January 2

Shooting Clinic: January 23

Shooting Clinic: January 9

Shooting Clinic: November 7

Shooting Clinic: October 10

Shooting Clinic: October 17

Shooting Clinic: October 17

Shooting Clinic: October 18

Shooting Clinic: October 24

Shooting Clinic: October 31

Team Picnic Pictures

Training Programs

Tryouts: April 3, 2021

Tryouts: March 14, 2021

Tryouts: March 6, 2021

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